6 Tips to Finding the Right Utility Canopy Body for Your UTE

A canopy is the structure built to cover the top of a vehicle or carriage and in the process, help protect the vehicle’s occupants from harsh weather conditions. These weather conditions could be in the form of rain, windy conditions, snow, dust and hot, sunny conditions. However, a utility canopy is meant to serve other purposes, too. A utility canopy, unlike an ordinary canopy, is made with a specialised function for it in mind. And while an ordinary canopy body will be found in light-duty utility vehicles, a utility canopy body or top is toughened up to offer more in terms of heavy-duty tasks. A utility body may not have sloping inclinations like an ordinary canopy, too.

utility canopy

The XL Service Bodies company has been in operation since 1991 and offers a wealth of experience in constructing custom UTE canopy (tailor-made vehicle service bodies). The builders are conveniently located in Brisbane, Queensland from where they receive the UTE body orders.

Tips to finding the best body for your UTE

Build quality and Design

Depending on what the vehicle is meant to do, a custom body should be well constructed and built according to the customer’s specific directions. XL Service Bodies construct their client’s custom UTE canopies as a one piece structure made out of pure steel. This design ensures that the UTE canopy does not fall off only a short time into service.


XL Service Bodies encourage their clients to offer their opinion on the kind of canopy body they would like installed on their utility vehicles. This way, the client would only have to pay for what they asked for and nothing extra.

Model choices

You will also want to check with a custom UTE body fitter on the variety of canopy available at their fitting garage. And out of the preferably wide selection, you will want to check if they accept your utility vehicle model. At XL Service Bodies, Nissan Navarra, Toyota Hilux, Holden Colorado, Mazda BT-50 and Ford Ranger models are all available.

Shipping and delivery options

You would also want to look into the fees and charges you would have to meet before making any serious commitments. XL Service Bodies not only makes the best canopies Adelaide has seen yet, but also offers affordable shipping to both Australian and worldwide destinations.

Customer satisfaction

A good indication to a good UTE body fitter is the kind of customer feedback and positive testimonials that they receive. You might also tell on what kind of service to expect from the number of recurrent (loyal) customers a company keeps getting. Authoritative online consumer insight reports would be a good place to start for such bits of information.

The true essence of going for a customised canopy for your utility vehicle is to enable you to efficiently and conveniently ferry a particular kind of luggage. The XL Service Bodies company understands this and seeks to provide UTE body which is customized for your specific needs at the best price possible. The XL Service Bodies website (http://www.xl.com.au) offers a cloud of information that would be useful to anyone looking to make a purchase for the best of canopies.