6-Cylinder Engine Casting Lookup Tool

Identify Your Chevy Or GMC Inline-6

chevy216largeCorrectly identifying your engine can prove challenging. This Casting Number Lookup tool will try to identify the year, make, and displacement of your Chevy or GMC six-cylinder engine based on the block casting number.

Where can I find my casting number?

Chevy Six Cylinder Casting Numbers can usually be found just above the starter on the “passenger side” of the block.

Engine Casting Lookup Tool

Enter your block casting number for engine information. (Example: 2193980)

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  1. Marty

    4 years ago

    Free motor represented as a 292, Remember FREE, nice to know for future parts. Thanks Marty

  2. john degraaf

    4 years ago

    Trying to identify my straight six came out of a 1957 chev car the engine is painted blue the head number is 3836848 the block # is 261242 i have checked over and over ther are no letters with this block number.however on the block below the head it does have GM2 stamped on it

    • Jonathan Groff (Admin)

      Jonathan Groff (Admin)

      4 years ago

      I can’t find anything on the block number, but the head is from a 58-62 235. The 848 head is desirable because it has higher compression. If you learn more about your engine let us know so we can update the casting number list!

  3. Ken

    4 years ago

    I am having the same problem on my 57 Chevy PU. Block number is 3767925 and the head number is 3886848. Any help in identifying this motor would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

  4. James Lemon

    4 years ago

    behind the distributor there is a flat area, on the location the numbers are as follows,,0680576f54s is this the number I am looking for to identify my 6 cylinder

  5. scott trotter

    4 years ago

    I just got a 1941 chevy super deluxe I am trying to find out what motor is in it inline six casting numbers are conv e209
    that was taken from above starter on block I also have a number I took from the intake 3754644 please help

  6. Moley

    4 years ago

    Bought 1967 Chevy C-10 with rebuilt engine. Casting #3877178 covers 230 or 250 CID, 1962-1978. How do I tell whether this engine is 230 or 250 CID?

  7. Moley

    4 years ago

    Also, number stamped on block behind distributor is F0126TA.

  8. Jim Hendrickson

    4 years ago

    Hello; This is for a co worker. He says he has a 1959 chevy Apache, with a 6 cyl. The number is 3836848. I can’t find anything about this number. Can you help us? Thanks Jim

  9. Don

    4 years ago

    Hello,I bought a 1953 Chevy 210,which has a 1957 Chevy 235 engine in it, this engine has a flat area by the distributor with the number 173220 stamp on it, also on the head it has number stamped 3836848,so now I know what my engine is, and thanks

  10. alex lamas

    4 years ago

    i have check my block number and i cant find any thing on it it has letters and numbers can any one tell me what i hve HBAI090595 Thanks

  11. rico

    4 years ago


    I got this numbers on my c30 inline 6 engine.


    can somebody help what kind of engine it is?

    thank you

  12. Brent B

    4 years ago

    Does anyone have any info on 3850317?

  13. Happy Linger

    4 years ago

    I recently bought a 1950 Chevy pickup 3100 and the engine has been replaced with a later model 6 cylinder. The engine code near the distr is “F0216TCD”. Can you tell me what year and size engine this is. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Happy

  14. Happy Linger

    4 years ago

    followup to my previous post request. the block casting number is 8994257. any info is appreciated. thanks Happy

  15. happy1947

    4 years ago

    Bought a 1950 Chevy 3100 pickup with a later model 6 banger. the casting number is 8994257 and the egine ID number is F0216TCD. Can any one help me on what size and year engine this is? Thanks Happy

  16. Jerry Burnette

    4 years ago

    I have a 1936 chevy I bought with the engin updated the man i got it from said it was a 250 six it has 2 carbs and split headers on it for a 250 i want to rebuild it and i cannot find the year looking at your block numbers above the fuel pump which reads 19W 301158 stamped in the block it has another number raised on the block in between the starter and fuel pump 3921 68 GM 55 do you have a clue as to what i have?

  17. Mitch gray

    4 years ago

    Trying to find a casting number to tell what this dang engine.
    And it is 348875 which is just to the left of the right hand motor mount and the serial sequence located on the flat next to the distributor is F0602CJT. Need to get some parts for this engine and it would sure be nice to know what it is. Thanks Mitch,

  18. Dan Curran

    4 years ago

    Trying to identify my straight six in a 1953 chev 3100 truck. State of Washington used the engine number as the VIN for the registration. The block # is 261242. Similar problem as John de Graaf (see above).

  19. mackattack123

    4 years ago

    Head number is 3836848. What year is the engine?

  20. mackattack123

    4 years ago

    What year is the engine with number 8738807

  21. Gene Gardei

    4 years ago

    Great site, thanks for the help !!

  22. manny c

    4 years ago

    I got inline 6 numbers 3921987 what is it 230 235 250 can somebody please help looked everywhere no luck

  23. vern

    3 years ago

    trying again # 3764476 I think its either a 62 or 63 235ci

  24. Jeff Ortiz

    2 years ago

    The block # is 3836848

  25. Matt Burns

    2 years ago

    Just bought a 52 Chevrolet styleline deluxe. Owner changed engine but wasn’t sure what year it was. This site hit it in a second 55-57 235 Thanks

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