6-Cylinder Engine Casting Lookup Tool

Identify Your Chevy Or GMC Inline-6

chevy216largeCorrectly identifying your engine can prove challenging. This Casting Number Lookup tool will try to identify the year, make, and displacement of your Chevy or GMC six-cylinder engine based on the block casting number.

Where can I find my casting number?

Chevy Six Cylinder Casting Numbers can usually be found just above the starter on the “passenger side” of the block.

Engine Casting Lookup Tool

Enter your block casting number for engine information. (Example: 2193980)

Comments (5)

  1. Marty

    3 months ago

    Free motor represented as a 292, Remember FREE, nice to know for future parts. Thanks Marty

  2. john degraaf

    3 months ago

    Trying to identify my straight six came out of a 1957 chev car the engine is painted blue the head number is 3836848 the block # is 261242 i have checked over and over ther are no letters with this block number.however on the block below the head it does have GM2 stamped on it

    • Jonathan Groff (Admin)

      Jonathan Groff (Admin)

      2 months ago

      I can’t find anything on the block number, but the head is from a 58-62 235. The 848 head is desirable because it has higher compression. If you learn more about your engine let us know so we can update the casting number list!

  3. Ken

    2 months ago

    I am having the same problem on my 57 Chevy PU. Block number is 3767925 and the head number is 3886848. Any help in identifying this motor would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

  4. James Lemon

    2 months ago

    behind the distributor there is a flat area, on the location the numbers are as follows,,0680576f54s is this the number I am looking for to identify my 6 cylinder

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