Hacked by Xurupitas Farm

Hacked by Xurupitas Farm

Hacked by
Xurupitas Farm

São Conrado, RJ – Brazil

2017 – Xurupitas Farm

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  1. Gilbert

    3 years ago

    I have a 1950 chev 235…that I got from a machine shop…she has plenty of oil pressure..but running it with the valve cover off for about 10 min..and I see no oil coming from valve train…NORMAL? NO splash no drip nothing …

  2. Gary

    3 years ago

    Take the side cover off over the lifters and follow the oil line that feeds the valve train down to the back of the block. You will see a brass fitting that threads into the block that the oil line goes into. I had the same problem that you describe with my 235 engine last summer and when I took the oil line out and then took the brass fitting out the block I discovered that it was blocked by sludge on the backside which prevented any oil from passing through it.

  3. Bob McAuley

    3 years ago

    I’m trying to id the engine in my 1950 gmc truck. |The number on the block is c324538 can anyone help please.

  4. Kevin Purcell

    3 years ago

    I have a 1950 6400 with casting code HEA 575070.
    Can someone help analyze it?

  5. Fernando

    3 years ago

    I have a 1950 chevy with an engine ID# HAD257166 or it can be HAD257I66 can find the number on any data base. trying to find out if its a 216 or a 235 ?

  6. Eric

    3 years ago

    does the firing order start from the back or the front of the motor cheers

  7. john allen

    1 year ago

    i have a 1950 chevy belair car was running i put fuel stabulizer in it when parked it set for a couple of years . well long story short im trying to start it now. new fuel pump ,points, condensrer. it trys to start as long as your turning it over some times starts then goes dead. yes the same gas in it when parked. is it bad or old gas or should i check something else

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